Cloud Camp London – 24th October

I attended my first Cloud Camp last year and have unfortunately not been able to attend since. The unconference format is very collaborative and I LOVE the red card initiative; if you don’t like what a speaker is saying – particularly if it’s a vendor on a sales rant – you ‘red card’ them and send ’em off – superb!

I’m registered for this Wednesday’s unconference and the line-up looks very scintillating, with Joe Baguley hosting and Steve Chambers on the panel.  Personally, I’m really keen to hear Kuan Hon, from Queen Mary University of London School of Law, talking about cloud contract negotiations.  I think this is an area that is fundamentally different from negotiationing price and SLAs in a physical infrastructure world.  Will let you know my thoughts on this topic after Wednesday’s Cloud Camp.  Details and registration can be found here