Rimmary of Cloud Camp – London, 24th October, 2012

On arrival, the unconference looked more like a London VMUG gathering, with Michael Poore, Ed Grigson, Stu Radnidge, Si Gallagher and Alaric Davies in attendance along with myself.  Steve Chambers was presenting on Cloud Psychopathy – he was most entertaining, despite severely overrunning his 5 minutes allocated lightning talk time!  One of the talks I specifically wanted to hear was Kuan Hon from Queen Mary University of London School of Law talking on cloud contract negotiations.  Unfortunately she had 22 slides, all of which had way too much text on, but here’s the link to her research paper on Negotiating Cloud Contracts.  Her website also has some good information posted.

The most interesting and thought provoking aspect of the evening was Cloud Brokering.  Dr. James Mitchell of Strategic Blue is an ex-trader from Morgan Stanley and founded his cloud broker company in 2010.  There was much discussion post his lightning talk about commodities, derivatives and reference to coal trading, that someone tweeted the night was to be renamed Coal Camp versus Cloud Camp! But in all seriousness, I think this cloud brokering is a fad.  However, as I mentioned to the CEO of one of my clients recently, fads must be embraced because they may morph into the norm.  That being said, I am reminded of the carbon credit trading that seems to have died a quite death, and therefore remain skeptical of cloud trading. This recent article in the Guardian deems them a ‘scam’.

Phil Wainewright from EuroCloud (who I remember from my Citrix days when he was founder and managing editor of ASPNews!) gave an enlightening talk on Euro Cloud Strategy, entitled Smothering the Puppy? Risks and Benefits of EU Cloud Strategy.  My take away from his talk was that the politicians in charge of an EU cloud strategy don’t have the faintest idea what they’re talking about – no surprise there then 🙁

As ever, the unconference was ably hosted and moderated by Joe Baguley and concluded with beer and pizzas.  Amazingly, given Stevie Chambers was presenting, no red cards were wielded this time, Cloud Camp #17 was well worth attending in my opinion.

Update 26th October – slides from the event can be found here and next unconference will be held at Cloud Expo Europe, Olympia, London 29th January, 2013.

2 thoughts on “Rimmary of Cloud Camp – London, 24th October, 2012

  1. Great summary, Jane, and thanks for the various links to Kuan’s work – I found her talk fascinating. I spent about an hour after getting home (when I should have been sleeping) discussing the cloud brokering concept with my wife who’s a commodity trader. As someone working in IT, as opposed to finance, it’s quite hard to grasp the concepts but it’s good to challenge yourself. That’s one of the great things about CloudCamp – it makes you think.

  2. Thanks Ed, would be fascinated to hear your wife’s views on cloud brokering from a commodity trader’s point of view, if she’s willing to share in a public forum? And yes, that’s what great about CloudCamp, introducing new concepts in a non-sales environment that make you think for sure! Looking forward to seeing you at the UK VMUG in November, if not before.

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