The birth of Rimmergram – the Blog

Having guest-blogged on for the past couple of years, I was inspired to create my own blog after meeting @vmcutlip at VMworld San Francisco this year (2012).  Tim tweeted me an #ff after VMworld saying, “I love talking to intelligent witty women of tech. You’re an inspiration for many.”  This was a huge compliment as I don’t deem myself particularly witty nor intelligent but am I an inspiration for many?  I’m not sure, but his words have inspired me to create a blog to cover all things virtual/cloud from a female marketer’s, working in technology, point of view. Whilst I’m a Twitter addict, sometimes 140 characters just isn’t enough 🙂 I hope to be able to blog frequently about my observations of this exciting technology world in which we live and work.

4 thoughts on “The birth of Rimmergram – the Blog

  1. Jane I am honored to be an inspiration; although I too feel that the credit is incorrectly placed. You are indeed an inspiration and knowledgeable resource that is not limited to gender. I promise to keep reading if you keep writing.

    PS I too am starting to compile content to release for my new blog as well. Stay tuned for – the Blog 😉

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