Smart C-levels are joining the conversation


I bang on to all my clients about the power of Twitter and why they should join the conversation – some listen, others ignore my advice, but they ignore me at their peril. I’ve personally benefited from posing a question on Twitter and receiving a lightening response, either from the community, or from a vendor that I’m having issues with. Twitter is more likely to provide an instantaneous answer than calling a customer support organization in my experience. By engaging in Twitter conversations, you can learn more about your customer’s experience with your solution and you can also combat any FUD that might be communicated by ill-informed customers or, worse, competitors. If you have people up and down your organization engaging in social media dialogue your organization will be more successful – fact. Like anything in an organization, if your C-level execs set an example, then you are more likely to follow. Also, like any relationship, what you get out of it depends on what you put into it. I’ve observed a number of new start ups recently embracing SoMe, in particular Twitter, and it is really refreshing to see CEOs, CTOs and sales leaders setting, and joining, the conversation.

If you’re a twitter addict (like me!) and your management team isn’t on Twitter, give them facts to emphasize why they’re missing a trick by not being involved in, and contributing to, the conversation. eMarketer provides some interesting facts:

• CEOs who Tweet are held in high regard

• 77% are more likely to buy from a company who’s CEO uses social media

• 82% of employees say they trust a company more if the CEO and leadership team communicate via social media.

And some general stats that I found intriguing:

• If Twitter was a country, it would be the 12th largest in the world

• 750 tweets every second

• 1 million accounts are added to Twitter every day

• but 25% of them have no followers!

• 140 million active users

View this infographic for more mind-boggling stats.

I blogged a while back about joining Twitter, if you need a Twitter 101, then read this post for some background information to get you started!