AdaptingIT Podcast – Women in Tech


When Lauren Malhoit asked me to provide input into a new podcast idea she had around women in tech, I thought it was a great idea.  After a few discussions with her and Mike Laverick, Lauren launched her podcast at the beginning of this year.  During one of our chats, we were discussing what the podcast should be called.  We bandied many names around, some sensible, some not so sensible.  I can’t even recall now who suggested Women with Dongles (probably me, am good at bringing the level of the conversation down to gutter level LOL), but obviously that one wasn’t going to fly 🙂  However, I said to Lauren if she interviewed me, that should be the name of my podcast.

Well, I’m proud to say Lauren DID interview me, and the podcast was published yesterday and I’m delighted that she has named the podcast “Women with Dongles”.  There is absolutely no relevance in our discussions to dongles, but the title just makes me giggle. We chat about how I got into IT, specifically virtualization, VMUG leadership, the community and much more. I hope you enjoy our discussions and I hope that this podcast will be interesting to both guys and gals, but more importantly inspire more women to get into technology.  It’s an awesome sector and one that can bring a huge amount of job satisfaction and, in my experience, can develop long-term friendships.