Keep Calm Fun


My fellow vExpert, Christian Mohn over at has created some fab “keep calm” art.  Some are just genius and others have been inspired by fellow community members.  I was honoured that Christian created this one for me and also pleased to see others now using it in some of their blog posts. I decided to use it as my twitter avatar and I got a comment yesterday about my avatar should be a picture of me as SoMe is meant to be social.  It was a slightly ‘tongue-in’cheek’ comment, and generally I agree that SoMe avatars should be of the owner because we all want to see who we’re communicating with.  But, I LOVE this one so much, and I’m so committed to my role as a VMUG leader, that I have to keep it for a bit longer…… and anyways, I updated my Twitter header to be a pic of myself, so there!

You can find all of them here, enjoy!

I also saw this in a shop window on holiday at Easter, and for those that know me well will say this seems to be appropriate too!