Another London VMUG successfully held!

Last week’s London VMUG meeting was certainly one of the best, even if I say so myself!  But, more importantly that’s what the twitter stream was telling us; we had an amazing amount of community content, great sponsors and, of course, our guest keynote presenter, Frank Denneman, captivated the audience for nearly an hour on his talk about the use of Flash in virtual datacentres and Pernix Data, his presentation can be found here, along with all the presentations here.  I loved Erik Bussink’s tweet about meerkats, this is exactly what our audience looked like once Frank started speaking 🙂



Steve Bruck and Stu McHugh’s SSO SOS session was also really well received, as was Grant Friend and Seb Hakiel on a 4000 seat VDI deployment.  Right after this session Julian Wood hosted a VDI roundtable, and although I didn’t attend it, it was obviously a good discussion as we had to interrupt the session to ask everyone to come back in for Alaric’s closing remarks!

Another community session hosted by Sam McGeown, who was speaking for the first time on his PowerCLI tips and tricks session was also well received, his blog post is here for those that missed it.

We were also visited by the IT Hulk himself, Hans de Leenheer! It’s always good to know that so many overseas visitors love to come to our London VMUG, we’ve hosted other VMUG leaders from Spain, Norway, Denmark and the Czech Republic in the past year, so we must be doing something right….

Of course, we can’t do any of these meetings without our sponsors, so thanks again to Veeam, Atlantis Computing and Dell/Wyse.

Finally, you may have heard or taken part in our survey.  As most of you that took the survey might have realized it was our chair that created this information, but hugely amusing survey – the questions caused lots of giggles, but also gave use some interesting data (other than 9 attendees were interested in Mike Laverick!) so I thought I’d share some of the output with you:















So, that’s the last meeting in London for this year, but don’t forget to mark your diaries now for 21st November for the UK National User Conference, where we will have another awesome line up of community and user content, VMware sessions and, of course, great content from our sponsors.  Details can be found here.

Finally, three quarters of your London Steering Committee (Alaric, Simon and me) will be in attendance at VMworld San Francisco, so hope to see you there, if not, see you in November!




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