VMworld Day 1 General Session

There’s many blogposts already written and posted this morning following the keynote.  My feedback on the session is that many people ‘knew’ about 5.5 and NSX so some of the tweets were a bit deflating.  However, we all need to remember VMworld is a user conference and many of the 22K+ attendees didn’t have prior knowledge to this morning’s announcements and this is what they came for!

I really liked Pat Gelsinger’s style it was, as Chris Wolf said, a nice tone.


I also liked to customers on video and on stage, always good to hear ‘from the horses mouth’ so to speak.

Pat asked “Who will build the mobile cloud era?” The answer? “you” and hailed the attendees as the Champions of the mobile-cloud era.  Again, a nice touch, engage with the audience, take them with you, not talk at them.

The summary of this morning’s session:

3 imperatives for IT Infrastructure:

Virtualisation extends to all of IT

IT management gives way to automation

Compatible hybrid cloud is ubiquitous

After the virtual zombie march to get out of the general session, I’m now back in the Hangspace at the VMUG booth (sharing with a great guy Doug, TAM from St. Louis).  Had some great VMUG leader pics taken with Craig Waters and Liselotte Foverskov!