Mike Laverick has been actively promoting this initiative during his presentations at recent VMUG meetings, as well as VMUG HQ supporting it with a page on vmug.com, and also covering it in a recent VMUG Voice newsletter.

It’s such an important element to supporting our members in feeling at ease to present in front of their peers.  One could argue presenting in front of peers is an easier task than presenting to, perhaps, a board of directors.  But there is, I think, an underlying concern that a peer group might be more critical.  However, I can attest to the fact that the peer group of the VMUG community is a totally supportive, non-critical group – honest!

We considered a long time ago at the London VMUG about hiring a professional presentation trainer to run a side-session for those that wanted to improve or hone their presentation skills.  But given the complexities of organizing this and then finding the right type of trainer, it got sidelined……  However, the #feedforward initiative is so much more relevant in my view.  It’s not presentation skills per se that count, it’s about content and delivery and having the confidence to present that in front of peeps.  I remember doing a presentation skills course many moons ago and one key takeaway for me, when watching the before and after videos, was if you feel comfortable with your presentation content, you naturally present well and confidently.  My example was being given a presentation of a technical nature that I had 10 minutes to learn prior to presenting it and then presenting ‘off the cuff’ about my horse.  Guess which one was the better? 🙂

So anyone that is looking to present at a forthcoming London VMUG and wishes to have a #feedforward session with either one of the committee or a fellow member, ping me and I’ll gladly do what I can to facilitate.


2 thoughts on “#FeedForward

  1. You are spot on Jane. A professional trainer could have helped with technical presenting skills, but the FeedForward from within the community helps you adding or changing angles in your story that relate to the actual content. Removing the irrelevant – yes, I did a FeedForward for Mike himself – and enforcing the relevant message will in the end result in a brilliant speaking slot!

    Now go register yourselves for the next VMUG you Londoners!

    • I know you did, as Mike presented to the VMUG leaders recently and highlighted you as his feedforward mentor 🙂 He also stuck to his allocated time – so kudos!!

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