London VMUG – 15th May 2014


Yesterday’s London VMUG was another great example of the VMware community.  We had an interesting spread of sponsors; EMC as our gold sponsor, Zerto and opvizor as our silver sponsors, and Uniprint were in the labs. We also had a great selection of community and VMware speakers – with Owen Sheey, Frank Bueschsel and Richard Munro talking VSAN, SSL Certificate Usage and vCHS respectively.  As Owen had come over from Cork and Frank from Germany, we made their trip worthwhile by getting them to do 2 other sessions in the afternoon, VSAN Troubleshooting and SSO Architecture, Deployment and Common Issues. I was pleased to talk to one member who said one of the reasons he comes to every meeting is to hear from our sponsors, given part of my role on the committee is to secure sponsorship, this is really good to know.  Many forums talk about not wanting to hear vendor pitches, but we always coach our sponsors to focus on the technical audience we have and so far we’ve never had too harsh a response to our sponsors!

In fact, further to the Storage Field Day ‘debacle’, Itzik Reich, Field CTO for EMCXtremeIO, gave an outstanding presentation, that resulted in many favourable tweets:








We were also fortunate to have a fellow VMUG leader, Pietro Puitti, over from Italy.  VMUGIT had their user conference last week, but unfortunately Pietro’s company sent him to Munich for work, which meant he missed out on all his hard work.  So he decided to attend our meeting and it was great to finally  meet him, having conversed over Twitter for a long time!

Our very own Simon Gallagher presented on vCAC – real world experience – and despite the demo gods not being on his side, his presentation was also received well:


I was personally pleased to have opvizor as a sponsor, as I’ve known their CEO, Dennis Zimmer, for a long time – he’s one of the original VMUG leaders in central Europe, an early vExpert and author of many VMware books, his first being published in 2005!

A few photos of the day below, including the winners of the free Subscription Advantage, Zerto and EMC prize draws 🙂

We concluded the day at our usual ale house, but the vBeers were kindly sponsored by PernixData.  It was great to have their CTO, Satyam Vaghani, attend too.

As usual, presentations can be found at and our next meeting is July 17th, mark your calendars now!