VMworld Day 2 Rimmary

I attended the keynote this morning, and sat next to the editor of DataCenter Dynamics, Peter Judge. He asked me how the VMwomen event had gone yesterday, and we ended up having a really good discussion about woman in IT, and he informed me that both Apple and FaceBook have offered to freeze women executives eggs if they wish to continue working – which opens up a whole different debate, but one that I don’t agree with – you have a body clock for a reason!  But the discussion set my day off nicely, so thank you Peter!

I always enjoy Carl Eschenbach’s presentations, he’s is such an enigmatic, enthusiastic presenter, he started with a summary of yesterday’s presentation and

then welcomed SAP and then Vodafone on stage to discuss their implementations and recommendations.  It was interesting to see SAP there, as when I first joined VMware, SAP was one of the first customers I visited! Next up was Raghu Raghuram and he informed the audience that they are Team SDDC, he was joined by Ben Fathi and they presented some new vSphere innovations in Beta – loving the sound of long distance vMotion!

Ben also mentioned some performance testing they undertook with VMs and Docker, the results can be found here – would seem it’s a bit like the outcome of the Scottish referendum, Better Together! Finally Simone Brunozzi came on stage to discuss hybridity fluidity 🙂

There were some twitter discussion around why vSphere 6 wasn’t announced as out of Beta at this event, and as we had our VMUG leader lunch Q&A with Pat Gelsinger and Joe Baguley, I asked them the question.  It’s all about, essentially, Sarbanes Oxley.  I cannot tell you how great it is to have the CEO and EMEA CTO attend our lunch and have an open and honest discussion forum.  This is why VMware is so innovative – not just technologically but embracing the user community from the top is pivotal to the success of the VMUG.  VMware is also extremely good with its CSR, the Giveback Foundation is a tremendous initiative and hope everyone that attended VMworld went and flew a paper plane!

It was also great for the London VMUG to be recognised for the Extra Mile award – Simon had already collected this award at VMworld San Francisco but Stuart and I were asked to the stage to be recognised in the EMEA leader community.  It was also great for my friend and colleague, Liselotte Foverskov, to receive her president’s award, which is truly deserved