vExpert 2016


Other than the accolades of being a VMUG leader from members of the community, being recognised as a vExpert is a great honour.  Being a “techknowlogist” – as Mike Laverick likes to say – versus a technologist, I somewhat buck the trend of the other 1000-odd (final number to be confirmed) vExperts who probably use VMware solutions on a daily basis.  On the other hand, I’ve been passionate about VMware since joining the company in 2003 and continuing to work in its eco-system since 2005 AND since becoming a VMUG leader in 2010.  Being a VMUG Leader is the contribution I’ve mainly made to receive the vExpert status, so having stepped down as a leader last month, I’m wondering how to continue to contribute to be a deserving recipient of the vExpert moniker in 2017……….. thoughts on a postcard please!!

As always, thanks to Corey Romero and congrats to all the 2016 vExperts – especially all the London VMUG members! I am so very proud to be part of this community, read the complete list here.

UPDATE Feb 9th, Corey informs me there are 1361 2016 vExperts!