I’m getting broadband!

I have to share this with those of you that have followed my broadband struggles. Finally, after 17 years, I will be getting ultrafast broadband December 12th! I know, amazing huh?!

When we first moved to this property, we just naturally assumed we’d have broadband. Never assume – as it makes an ass out of you and me!! After discovering we couldn’t get it, I ordered HomeHighway from BT – effectively ISDN. After a couple of years, however, BT determined this service was no longer viable for them as a business, because everyone could get broadband. Not us though!

As we’re 11km from the exchange it was technically impossible to get a signal that far down the copper. So, despite BT sales people continually telling me it would work, we went for a satellite service. This was definitely an improvement on HomeHighway but the latency was a big issue for services such as VoIP and online gaming. My poor boys were playing some friends online and thought they’d shot them whereas in actuality they’d been shot due to the latency!

Having endured this service for many years and appearing on various local TV and radio stations to berate both BT and the Government about the lack of service for rural communities – despite being only 10 mins drive from junction 8/9 of the M4 – we adopted mobile broadband from EE. This service, when performing at his best, provided a 30MB download and 8MB upload – more than adequate and more than the Government USO of 10MB. However, living in a communications black hole has meant that at various times the signal isn’t great and over time even this service has degraded, despite many calls to EE tech support.

We were to get “superfast” rural broadband through the SuperFast Berkshire initiative – whereby they got money from the Government to roll out broadband to rural areas. However, they first awarded the contract to ….. yes, you guessed it…… BT. And BT were not interested in a small hamlet of 9 properties, so we were never ‘top of the list’. Further campaigning gave way to SuperFast Berkshire re-awarding the rural part of the contract to Gigaclear – our saviours!

About a year ago we registered our interest on their website that resulted in a while ago them laying the infrastructure down our little lane to enable FTTH. We’ve had to wait a while to get connected to the circuit, but today I received a call to say my installation will take place on December 12th!

Patience has never been my strong point, but after 17 years waiting for broadband I will very soon have a 300MB service – not because I need it but because I want it. I will be opening a bottle of champers to celebrate finally entering the 21st century!