Vmware Autocorrect!

Haven’t posted in a while as nothing has piqued my interest or compelled me to voice an opinion, until I saw this tweet from Amanda Blevins just recently:

This is something that has frustrated me since the day I joined VMware back in 2003! Occasionally I’ve gone searching for a solution and being just a general user, I’ve never managed (translated: bothered) to find a resolution. But today I decided to go and search for a remedy! Although it took a few Google searches and it appeared there was no way to do a change across Office for macOS, I’ve finally managed to change Word, Excel and Outlook – mission accomplished!

Yes, it’s a pain and yes, MSFT should just include VMware in its standard dictionary but until then, here’s my solution.

In Word and Excel it’s the same process:

>Tools >Autocorrect >Replace >Add

However, for Outlook it took me a little longer to discover a resolution, as adding VMware to the autocorrect dictionary did not work 🙁

>Preferences >Autocorrect >Uncheck correct two initial capitals

Bear in mind, I’m still using Office 2011 for macOS, so if you’re using a later version, the above may not be applicable. But I hope it might help a few folks that, like me, have been putting up with VMware being autocorrected to Vmware by Microsoft for too long!

(Irony: as I’ve made the changes as described above, when trying to type Vmware, Word autocorrected it! Hurrah, success)

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