London VMUG Meeting April 23rd 2015 – a Rimmary


We had record-breaking registrations for this 2nd meeting of 2015, and attendees from across mainland Europe and the US!  The day before our meeting Enrico Signoretti held his TechUnplugged event, which I also attended.  It was an interesting format and storage focused, with a bit of containers and cloud chucked in for good measure.  I also had the pleasure of hearing Nigel Poulton speak for the first time – impressive delivery and content, very enlightening!

The focus of our meeting was primarily vSphere 6 but we too had a mixture of containers and cloud discussions.  Andy Jenkins provided an overall strategy keynote presentation after Alaric’s usual entertaining intro.  And the day was concluded with a panel discussion on where Joe Baguley joined us and, for me, provided the quote of the day: “It’s heritage, not legacy.”

Julian also gave his ‘warts and all’ presentation on vSphere 6 – which was extremely well attended and received. I attended Richard Munro’s preso on deploying vCloud Air from Kilimanjaro – whilst a very short video clip showed the actual deployment, it was a very inspiring presentation and the trip raised $250,000 for Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance, so well done Richard and the other 4 VMware team members.

Hans de Leenheer and Nigel recorded their InTechWeTrust podcast from the meeting, with long time London VMUG members Ed Grigson and Julian Wood as guests, as well as Stephen Foskett.  Was great to see Stephen attend and glad he enjoyed Alaric’s banter in his intro!














We’d purchased 5 of Barry Coomb’s and Peter van Oven’s new Mastering VMware Horizion 6 Book to give away as prizes, a regular VMUGer, Phil Morris, won one for asking a cracking question to the panel!












It was a privilege to host a number of other VMUG leaders from Europe; Max from the Czech Republic, Arjan and Joep from the Netherlands and Andrea from Italy – thanks for joining us!

As always, we can’t do these meetings without our sponsors, and are extremely grateful to Cisco, Atlantis Computing and Nimble Storage for their sponsorship and support.  We also had Taupo Consulting (a Purely Computing company) sponsor vBeers in the evening, they were not only vGenerous with the beer sponsorship but also held a prize draw for an iPad, a free day’s consulting and a free vSphere health check, thanks guys!

All presentations can be found at and put July 9th in your diary for our next meeting at the London Chamber of Commerce and keep an eye on for agenda and registration nearer the time.

See you there!


Kazoup Showcased at Cloud Expo Europe

UPDATED March 27th, 2015 *

Kazoup was unveiled at Cloud Expo Europe and as I was attending the show on the first day, I visited their booth to see the solution and to speak with Radek Dymacz, the co-founder and CTO of Kazoup.

In a nutshell, Kazoup is a simple way to manage your unstructured file date, intelligently leveraging the cloud to drive down storage costs.   Firstly, it analyses what you have, it then indexes it to, secondly, allow search and then, thirdly, it archives.  For me, this is the really clever bit; companies can choose low-cost cloud-based object storage to archive unused data. And Kazoup can automate the whole process for you. A screen shot from the Kazoup website encapsulates what Kazoup is all about:

Jane Rimmer: Please walk me through Kazoup, what it provides around ‘dark data’ and what it delivers to the business?

Radek Dymacz: Firstly, let me explain ‘dark data’.  Gartner’s definition sums it up well: “Dark Data is the information assets organisations collect, process and store during regular business activities but generally fail to use for other purposes.  Storing and securing this data typically incurs more expense than value.”  So we developed Kazoup to deliver business value.

Kazoup is a DIY solution, it easily installs in less than 30 minutes and our belief is there should be no need for long, expensive professional services consultancy around analytics, it should be simple enough do it by yourself. Once you’ve connected to your datastores, you are presented with the analytics screen. Firstly, we analyse the metadata, and we extrapolate growth of your data; you will see a condensed view in the dashboard.

Kazoup analytics provides data by location, type, duplicates, etc. and, once you’ve enabled archiving, you can analyse what has been archived too.  These views can be exported to .CSV format if desired.  As Kazoup indexes all file and content data, once the data has been analysed, you are presented with a powerful search option. The best way to describe this is Google for your file data!  Users can search archived files, and, when they want to download a file, they just click on it.  When analysing the data, we can set the policy to archive.  Currently we support Amazon S3 and Google, and very soon we’ll be adding Azure.

JR: In your Archiving policy – is that where you can also set retention policies?

RD: Yes, as an example you can set up Kazoup to move anything, say from 5 years ago, to Amazon.  Your users still have access to this data as it’s indexed, but it’s on cheap cloud-based objective storage.

JR: The reports that Kazoup provides, are they for the business?

RD: Our reports are presented in a way that is easily consumable by the business.  In particular the executive summary is designed for this purpose.

The outcome of our analytics is reporting to enable ease of management. Kazoup can identify ‘bad behaviour’, we can see how data is growing, and if a particular user is, for example, creating multiple .PST etc. Kazoup will highlight this and management can then take appropriate action with that user.  By providing visibility we enable ease of management in a dark data world.

JR: What about support?

RD: In line with our DIY/self-service belief, documentation is available online and in-app support is provided by Kazoup to answer questions as they arise.

JR: In 140 characters, or less, sum up Kazoup.

RD: Kazoup provides visibility and intelligence to your unstructured file data.

JR: And what does the future hold?

RD: Today we support on-premises data but in the near term we will be supporting SaaS datastores, such as Microsoft OneDrive, Box, etc.

Thank you Radek for your time!


The ‘icing on the cake’ for Kazoup came in the evening of 11 March at the UK Cloud Awards, hosted by the Cloud Industry Forum and CloudPro, where Kazoup won the Newcomer category – congratulations to the whole team!

Johan Holder, co-founder and CEO holding the award and Radek Dymacz, co-founder and CTO, to Johan’s left

* Further good news for the Kazoup team, they won the ITE Awards Big Data, Business Intelligence and Analytics Solution of the Year on 25th March – congrats!



London VMUG Meeting April 23rd

As you can imagine with recent announcements, our agenda will focus heavily on vSphere 6 at this meeting.  We’ve got some great community content as well as some fab sponsors, namely Cisco, Atlantis and Nimble, with a new company to the VMUG community – vBeers sponsor, Taupo Consulting.

The agenda below is ‘hot off the press’ and will soon be published on  So, what are you waiting for?  Register for this VMUG meeting now!

The night before our meeting, the crew from TECHUnplugged will be in town and everyone is invited to a vWhatever session (vBeers, vWine, vCurry, vWhatever……) location to be determined, so watch this space for more details.





UK VMUG User Conference – November 18th, 2014


With just over 3 weeks to go to the annual UK VMUG user conference we, the committee, are working hard to ensure that all VMUG members that attend have the most awesome day due to the sponsors, speakers and networking opportunities.

We are very lucky to have some great VMware, community and sponsor speakers, including Joe Baguley, Duncan Epping, Cormac Hogan, Mike Laverick, Julian Wood, Jonathan Medd, Barry Coombs, Ricky El-Qasem and industry luminaries such as Frank Denneman and Chris Wahl.  As always, we cannot stage this event without sponsors and we have a plethora of companies supporting us again this year, including Veeam as our platinum sponsor.  As well as other well known companies, we also have some new companies sponsoring the event this year, such as Sumerian and Unitrends.  I’m particularly looking forward to Joe’s keynote, entitled CTO Rant-as-a-Service!  Joe can always be relied upon for an informative, engaging and humourous keynote.

As always, Simon Gallagher has excelled in putting together some seriously good ‘hosts’ for the mezzanine community area.  Whether you want to call this ‘birds of a feather’ sessions, mezz area, or whatever else takes your fancy, this section of the agenda is a great way to quiz experts in their respective fields on issues, challenges, opportunities for your own environment.

Our tradition of vCurry the night before is kindly being sponsored by vCloud Air this year and, as such allows, us to open this night up to all that will be in attendance the night before.  However, do sign up early as we are limited on spaces………  If you have registered for the vCurry and only received a confirmation for the conference, don’t worry, as vCurry confirmations will be going out shortly.  Our own Stuart Thompson will be the quiz-master for the evening for the vQuiz.  This went down a storm last year, with some very competitive teams – I think even some of the VMware folks were surprised at the technical depth of some of the questions Stu had devised.  Expect more and better this year!  We will also be awarding some amazing prizes to the top 3 teams, so maybe swot up on all things VMware before coming?!

From a content perspective, we will have all the latest and greatest VMware news for you, including Horizon 6, VSAN, VVOLS, vSphere6, NSX, vRealize, vCloud Air and EVO:RAIL. As well as a community session from Julian Wood on a VMworld update.  Don’t forget, we’re giving away 10 prizes for access to all the VMworld 2014 content – but you have to attend to stand a chance of winning.

For those that have attended before, we will run a slightly different agenda, the exhibit hall won’t open until after the keynote and all sessions run for 40 minutes, apart from the VMware ones; they are scheduled for an hour, based on feedback from other VMUG conferences.  The agenda is being finalised with the sponsor sessions, so ensure you check regularly on the VMUG site for agenda updates.  Also for ease of information of sessions on the day, please don’t forget to download the VMUG UK User Conference app from your preferred App Store just by searching “VMUG”.  The details for the UK user conference won’t appear until a few days before the event. Or scan the QR code below:

If you’re involved in anyway with VMware implementations, you cannot afford to miss this free event, so sign up here and see you November 18th!

VMworld Europe day 1 keynote Rimmary

Having just exited the general session, I want to quickly share my thoughts on the keynotes.  VMware is definitely continuing to lead the market, not just in technological innovations but, in my view, also in how it embraces customers.  There were some ‘nuggets’ of news not mentioned back in August San Fran VMworld – such as HP and Hitachi Data Systems being new EVO:RAIL partners, vCloud Air being available in Germany and Horizon FLEX to name a few – but I liked the way that customers mentioned in the slide ware, were publicly acknowledged with the cameras zooming in on them as they were asked to stand up and be recognised.

As always, it was great to have VMUG community mentioned in the keynote – now up to 100,000 members.  As I’ll be doing some booth duty on the VMUG booth this year, I hope to help contribute to getting new members signed up.

I was pleased to hear the VMwomen initiative mentioned during the keynote, I’ve signed up for this session in the schedule builder – 17.30 today, room 40, Hall 8.

I’m still not convinced that “Go Bravely” is the right message to a technical audience – for me it invokes fear, trepidation, uncertainty – but then, actually, that is the IT world in which we live and, probably, will continue to live.

Pat wrapped up with this summary – enabling the Brave New IT 😀