VMworld Day 3/Day 4 Rimmary


The 10th Annual VMworld sign made up of pictures of attendees

I am writing this having just come out of the Day 4 final keynote session and, to be honest, it puts all that happened yesterday – even the party – into the shade.  You know when you’ve been so inspired you get goosebumps?  Well, that has happened to me today with Jay Silver, Keller Rinaudo and Bre Pettis showing me the future….. but more about that in a short while.

Wednesday was more VMUG activity for me.  I am very sad to report that our long term contact and support, Frannie Garvey, is leaving VMUG HQ.  She has been an outstanding team player and I wish her well, but will really miss her.  On a brighter note, we had a leader lunch and had a great panel session with Raghu Raghuram, Paul Strong and Pat Gelsinger.  It was great to have the opportunity of a Q&A with them and I tweeted that Raghu stated “VMTN is likely to be back next year” – let’s not hold our breath though…… After the Q&A, Mariano Maluf, President of VMUG, handed out awards to some leaders and also to partners.  I am pleased to say that there were 2 female winners and 3 European winners – Eric from the Belgium VMUG, Duncan Epping for his contribution to VMUGs and ME!!!  I was thrilled to be honoured with the President’s award, I was nominated by my fellow VMUG leaders and the Board of Directors made the final selection from nominations.

Here’s a shot of me receiving my award from Mariano and the award itself. vProud!


Afterward me and my fellow London VMUG leaders, Alaric and Simon went to the VMUG booth for an EMEA gathering, was great to see the Danish and Italian leaders, as well as a couple of the guys from Canada.  In the evening the 3 of us headed out to the VMworld party.  Two bands this year – Imagine Dragons and Train – wasn’t overly impressed by Imagine Dragons, but Train, particularly their lead singer Pat, were great, really entertaining.  The party was held at the AT&T stadium, home of the SF Giants baseball team.  It was the best ever in my opinion.

Well, back to today.  The robotics demonstrated were awesome; using a banana as a mouse/keyboard or a dog as a piano, then the godfather of the 3D printer demonstrating a robotic hand that has changed a child’s life to Romo the smartphone robot – all totally amazing.  But the most inspiring one for me was Bre Pettis – he is so passionate about people and robotics changing the world for the better.  He discussed a child in South Africa born without a hand and children usually don’t get prosthetic limbs as, as he put it, they grow out of them like sneakers, and they’re tens of thousands of dollars.  But with his Makerbot technology a prosthetic hand was made with plastics costing no more than $5 and he then showed a video of the child using his hand – it really did bring tears to my eyes.  Checkout makerbot.com. All 3 speakers made this keynote the best I have ever seen.  VMware you truly saved the best for last!