Forthcoming July 17th London VMUG Meeting

We’re just over 2 weeks away from our last meeting of the year in London.  As many of you might know, as a committee we also organize the yearly UK VMUG User Conference in Birmingham in November.  As such, we don’t hold a 4th quarter meeting in London, as we just don’t have that much spare time to volunteer for two events in the same quarter 🙂

You can register here for July’s meeting.  And you can find more details here for the User Conference in November.

So, back to July’s meeting, we have an awesome array of community and VMware speakers and sponsors, including an NDA session from VMware for customers.  We are very privileged to have this session and hopefully this in itself will be a very good reason to attend!

The agenda is below:


At the recent VMware vForum in Wembley, we staffed the VMUG booth and signed up 51 new members.  We hope to see all of you at this forthcoming meeting!

Thanks, as always, go to our sponsors; Veeam, Fusion-io, Extrahop and Atlantis Computing. Plus, Bitdefender is sponsoring vBeers, check out the post here.