VMworld – EUC and Analytics Recommendations

Regrettably, I won’t be at VMworld this year, Vegas nor Barcelona 🙁 Instead I will be in Hawaii, so not a bad trade-off I guess 🙂

In advance of the events, though, I want to share with my readers news about two of my clients’ presence and activities at VMworld Vegas.

Let’s start with Liquidware. If your responsibilities include EUC/VDI in any shape or form, then Liquidware should be on your list of “must see” vendors in the Solutions Exchange. They’re on booth 1126 and will be demoing the last versions of their award winning UEM, App Layering and Visibility solutions; ProfileUnity, FlexApp and Stratusphere respectively. They’re also giving away some pretty cool t-shirts:

Prior to the show opening on Sunday, they’re hosting, in conjunction with IGEL and NVIDIA, The Inside Track – an exclusive, invite only EUC event. If you’re an EUC/VDI influencer or VIP and haven’t received your invite, ping me and I’ll get you on the guest list.


Liquidware has been sponsoring VMworld ever since their market entrance back in 2009! For more details, read this interview with their Founder and CEO, David Bieneman, with VMBlog.

Next up is Runecast. I’ve been working with these guys since February and the feedback from customers and the community on their Runecast Analyzer solution has been very motivating! This is their third appearance at VMworld, having launched at VMworld in 2015. Runecast will be on booth 832 and will be demonstrating the latest version of Runecast Analyzer that is due to GA just before VMworld!

If you’re a vSphere admin, Runecast Analyzer really is a #MustHave for you. Utilizing the VMware Knowledge, Best Practices and Security Hardening guidelines, Runecast Analyzer enables you to proactively protect your environment. So, if you spend too much time troubleshooting your environment, visit Runecast on booth 832 to discover how to decrease troubleshooting, increase security and help your organization to be more compliant!

Great community advocates, Runecast is sponsoring #vGolf on Sunday, organized by Anthony Spiteri. You can read more about the event here. They’re also a sponsor of the famous (infamous?!) CXIParty. Christopher Kusek has been hosting this event for many years, with a hiatus on a couple of occasions IIRC and it’s always great fun. Details can be found here.

Runecast will be giving away some fab Lego “Runecasters” on their booth, so add them to your ‘must visit’ list too.

I look forward to seeing on Twitter and VMworld bloggers’ post how everyone is getting along at VMworld and, if you’re going, enjoy!

Remember, sleep is highly overrated; you can do that when you get home!



Vendors arm your sales people!

I had an astonishing conversation today with an ex-Citrite who mentioned that in a discussion with a Citrix salesperson they admitted to not knowing who Brian Madden is.  This, firstly, astounded me and then get me thinking that it’s not really said salesperson’s fault – why should they know if no-one’s told them?

So, this post is about arming your sales people – or any frontline, customer engaging employee – with the relevant blogs to read, tweeters to follow or, as importantly, the 3rd part eco-system vendors that help to keep their customers happy AND enable more license sales.  I add in the 3rd party eco-system vendors because said salesperson also did not know about a desktop VDI vendor that absolutely helps solve some of the bottlenecks within VDI.

These days, it is no longer good enough to know information about your own products, you should – and must – know what your competitors are up to, know how your solutions stack up against them and also be fully cognizant of any other vendors that you collaborate, or partner, with to make your own solution of more value to your potential customers.

My recommended ‘must reads’ for specific technology areas are:

Cloud – Massimo Re Ferre IT20, Richard Morrell emeacloudguy

Storage – Martin Glassborow aka Storagebod, Chris Mellor El Reg

VDI – Brian Madden, Doug Brown DABCC, Andre Leibovici myvirtualcloud.net

Networking – Greg Ferro Packetpushers.net

This might all seem “teaching Granny to suck eggs” and just common sense, but the example stated in the first paragraph clearly demonstrates that we DO need to tell people, versus teach, which eggs to suck!  I strongly urge HR teams to ensure that new hire induction includes this topic.

Armed with this information will certainly endear you more to your customers and prospects, but also make you a better community player.  After all, you can’t engage in a community conversation if you’re not even aware it’s taking place, can you?