London VMUG July 9th – A Rimmary

Despite there being a tube strike and many people unable to make it, we had one of the best London VMUG meetings for a while.  We still had around 7 new member attendees and we were pleased to host fellow VMUG leader, Eric Lee, all the way from Kansas City.  Hey if Eric managed to make it all the way from the US, a tube strike wasn’t going to stop our hardcore members from making it either!

Our first keynote was from our gold sponsor Zerto, a long standing supporter of London VMUG and Chris Snell shared with the group how to build a perfect DR Solution.


We were lucky to have Frank Denneman as our keynote speaker.  As you all know, Frank is super super technical but technology was not the focus of his presentation.  Back at our January meeting Frank presented a keynote as his company, PernixData was our gold sponsor.  Following his session then were our 4 vFACTOR community speakers.  They shared with me they felt a little intimidated have to follow Frank.  In a conversation with Frank a few months later I shared this with him and, kudos to his humility, he stated he was surprised and so offered to share his journey on public speaking at a future London meeting.  So, thank you Frank for, in this instance, being a community speaker and sharing your experiences with our members, your time was much appreciated by us, the committee, and our members.

Alaric declared “miking up the new community speaker!”

Excellent point Frank!


We then had Ben Ward from VMware discussing complementing Citrix with the new Horizon View bundle and Ricky El Qasem and David Balharrie hosting an interactive vCD missing you already session.  After a quick break, we resumed with our two silver sponsors, Shavlik and Cumulus Networks discussing comprehensive patch management and modernizing VMware networking respectively.  Alongside these sessions, our lab sponsor Sumerian conducted hands on capacity planning for the SDDC sessions. As always, we can’t do these meetings with the generosity of our sponsors, so thanks to Zerto, Shavlik, Cumulus Networks and Sumerian.

The sponsor sessions were followed by 2 of our previous vFACTOR presenters, Alec Dunn and Chris Porter talking home labs and Ravello Systems. Great job guys, thanks for putting the “u” into VMUG!!

Unfortunately, I missed a lot of the afternoon sessions because I was on a reccy for a new home for us.  Yes, after over 7 years of being at the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, they are closing their doors, so we need a new home for 2016 and beyond meetings.  After some intense research, I discovered TechUK – a trade association for UK technology – is based in London and have meeting facilities very similar to the LCC.  It is amazing to be able to find a venue in central London that isn’t an arm and a leg to hire and the great thing is VMware is a member of TechUK!  We are excited about our new home but sad to be leaving the LCC – Alaric in his closing remarks asked Agata from the Chambers to come and receive a round of applause for all her hard work and efforts in hosting our meetings for all these years – it was emosh!!  So our January meeting – 21st, put it in your diary – will be held at TechUK, 10 Saint Bride Street, just off Fleet Street.

We left early for a special vBeers event – superbly arranged by Alaric and Matt Northam and kindly sponsored by Nutanix, 10ZiG and Bitdefender.  It was perfect weather for sitting outside (albeit we were in the Bermondsey Industrial Estate!) drinking 9 different types of beer, noshing gourmet hotdogs – a perfect end to a perfect day.

Picture credit: Kimberly Delgado

Heading back to Waterloo was a synch, as the tube strike had finished and the roads were not too busy.

For all presentations please visit, for pics of the day visit our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter to keep abreast of all things London VMUG!

July 9th London VMUG meeting

We’ve got a great line up for you for our summer meeting, prior to the ‘big bang’ to the end of the year with the UK VMUG UserCon at the National Motorcycle Museum in November!

We’re excited to welcome back 2 of our January vFACTOR community speakers, Chris Porter and Alec Dunn, along with longstanding community speaker and London VMUG supporter, Ricky El Qasem.  We also have a special guest speaker, Frank Denneman!  Frank offered to speak to our members about his journey to public speaking after learning that the vFACTOR speakers in January were somewhat in awe of having to follow his keynote presentation for PernixData!

Thanks as always to our sponsors, Zerto, ShavlikCumulus Networks and lab sponsor Sumerian.  A quick shout out to Cumulus Networks – who had expressed an interest in being a sponsor earlier in the year.  However, at the time, we were committed to another silver sponsor who, unfortunately, let us down.  So, after a quick call to Ian Little, we’re pleased and thankful to have Cumulus sponsor us for the very first time!

Here’s the current agenda, you will notice we’re finishing earlier than usual.  Our chairman, Alaric, has arranged a special vBeers brewery event for attending VMUG members, more details to follow.  There will be an EventBrite registration page for this ‘extra curricula’ activity, so stay tuned to London VMUG on Twitter! UPDATE: Here’s the link to LUXURY vBeers no less!!


Capital A Capital B Central
0830 – 0945 E  V  E  N  T     R  E  G   I  S  T  R  A  T  I  O  N
1000 – 1015 W e l c o m e
1015 – 1100 Zerto
1100 – 1145 Frank Denneman – My Journey to Public Speaking
1145 – 1215 B r e a k      i n      T h a m e s      S u i t e
1215 – 1300 Ben Ward, VMware – How to manage and complement your Citrix environment with VMware Horizon Management Bundle Ricky El-Qasem – vCloud Director: Missing You Already Sumerian Lab – Capacity Planning for the SDDC
1300 – 1400 L u n c h
1400 – 1450 Shavlik  Mischa Peters, Systems Engineer, Cumulus Networks – VMware Modernization with Open Networking
1500 – 1550 Mike Laverick, VMware – Under the bedsheets with EVO:RAIL Alec Dunn – Home Lab in <100W
Chris Porter – From Zero to Ravello
Sumerian Lab – Capacity Planning for the SDDC
1600 – 1615 C l o s e
1615 – 2000 vBeers


What are you waiting for? Register here to secure your place, see you in July!

London VMUG – 15th May 2014


Yesterday’s London VMUG was another great example of the VMware community.  We had an interesting spread of sponsors; EMC as our gold sponsor, Zerto and opvizor as our silver sponsors, and Uniprint were in the labs. We also had a great selection of community and VMware speakers – with Owen Sheey, Frank Bueschsel and Richard Munro talking VSAN, SSL Certificate Usage and vCHS respectively.  As Owen had come over from Cork and Frank from Germany, we made their trip worthwhile by getting them to do 2 other sessions in the afternoon, VSAN Troubleshooting and SSO Architecture, Deployment and Common Issues. I was pleased to talk to one member who said one of the reasons he comes to every meeting is to hear from our sponsors, given part of my role on the committee is to secure sponsorship, this is really good to know.  Many forums talk about not wanting to hear vendor pitches, but we always coach our sponsors to focus on the technical audience we have and so far we’ve never had too harsh a response to our sponsors!

In fact, further to the Storage Field Day ‘debacle’, Itzik Reich, Field CTO for EMCXtremeIO, gave an outstanding presentation, that resulted in many favourable tweets:








We were also fortunate to have a fellow VMUG leader, Pietro Puitti, over from Italy.  VMUGIT had their user conference last week, but unfortunately Pietro’s company sent him to Munich for work, which meant he missed out on all his hard work.  So he decided to attend our meeting and it was great to finally  meet him, having conversed over Twitter for a long time!

Our very own Simon Gallagher presented on vCAC – real world experience – and despite the demo gods not being on his side, his presentation was also received well:


I was personally pleased to have opvizor as a sponsor, as I’ve known their CEO, Dennis Zimmer, for a long time – he’s one of the original VMUG leaders in central Europe, an early vExpert and author of many VMware books, his first being published in 2005!

A few photos of the day below, including the winners of the free Subscription Advantage, Zerto and EMC prize draws 🙂

We concluded the day at our usual ale house, but the vBeers were kindly sponsored by PernixData.  It was great to have their CTO, Satyam Vaghani, attend too.

As usual, presentations can be found at and our next meeting is July 17th, mark your calendars now!

Forthcoming May 15th London VMUG

The agenda* is about to be published on, but thought I’d give you a sneak preview 🙂  We’re fortunate to have some great sponsors including opvizor who’s CEO, Dennis Zimmer, is speaking.  Dennis is an acclaimed virtualisation author and vExpert, so am personally looking forward to hearing his presentation.  We’ve also some awesome VMware speakers and, after the success of January’s lightning talks, some great community speakers in the lightning talks, covering Virtual SAN, SRM and VCDX prep.  Don’t forget to register here to secure your place at another amazing London VMUG meeting!

Afterwards we’ll adjourn to the Pavilion End for vBeers, see the post on for more info.

Looking forward to seeing you all on May 15th at the London Chamber of Commerce.


* subject to change 😉

24th January London VMUG Rimmary


Whew, another successful London VMUG in the bag; we, the committee, can now chill-ax – well for a short while.  Planning will start soon for the next London VMUG Meeting (April 25th) and, of course, the UK VMware User Conference scheduled for November 21st – put both of those dates in your diaries now! Lots of tweets during and after the VMUG demonstrated that our members were very happy with the agenda and content.  Our sponsors were Nutanix, 10Zig and Zerto and all provided great presentations demonstrating their solutions and how they are solving real-world issues today. All presentations can be located at and for those that couldn’t get into Eric Sloof’s oversubscribed HA Deep Dive, we will also be publishing the recording to Eric’s YouTube channel before too long. I was delighted that we could recognize all our community contributors for their presentations from last year. With 4 people going ‘above and beyond’ the call of duty – Steve Bryen, Ricky El-Qasem, Gregg Robertson and Darren Woollard – all receiving Amazon vouchers for their efforts. I found the time to sit in on the EUC Panel, moderated by Brian Gammage with the panel consisting of our own Simon Gallagher, Mike Laverick, Simon Long and Spencer Pitts from VMware and Julian Wood, a consistent contributor to our London VMUG and regular member attendee.  The discussions were lively and, I thought, well moderated by Brian.  Was 2012 the year of VDI?  Will 2013 be the year of VDI?  Well, neither because it’s not a destination folks, it’s a journey and the penetration of virtualized desktops will continue as end-user computing (EUC) solutions provide the solution from a USER’S perspective, not IT’s 🙂

Finally, we gave our chair, Alaric Davies, an early birthday present – he celebrated a “BIG OH” (versus  Big Data!)  birthday on Saturday and, as he participates on the VMware Forums as Piglet, the present reflected that pseudonym 🙂 See you all in April!